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144 Strawberry Hill Avenue,
NJ 07095

The Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA is a non-profit organization, registered on March 26, 2010. Our vision is to bring our community together to unite, preserve and propagate and grow the rich cultural heritage of Gujarati Catholics from around the world. We organize various Programs, Events, Educational Fund Raising Activities, and Education Developmental Projects for the community, Social Events; Various yearly Celebrations, Entertainments, Various Seminars on Social Awareness, Religious Awareness in Regards of Gujarati Speaking Catholics Residing in Unites States of America. To stay connected to families, relatives and friends back home to Gujarat, India.


Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA is a dream come true of a long cherished desire of The Gujarati Catholics living in USA, to bring all Gujarati Catholics of USA together, unit and grow by providing a forum for social, religious, cultural, educational, economical and charitable interaction among its members, of this great, blessed and adopted country The United States of America.

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